Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Does YOURS Look Like?

Here are your road signs. They are mixed up, waiting to be put in order, depending on your destination. Take a look... arrange them in order that best fits your journey. Very often, we'll notice that we're in need of a new road sign, or the ones we're using need to be rearranged. Notice they're scattered, out of place, and totally disorganized... as they often are in our minds.

(This isn't supposed to be pleasing to the eye, illustrating how unappealing our "plans" look inside)

                    PRESSURE              ROUTINE                   GOALS








                 POSITIVE                NEGATIVE                      



Matty said...

History - what has my past taught me.

Goals - where do I want to be; what do I want to accomplish.

Bad Habits - What am I doing now that is holding me back or slowing me down.

Fears - what am I afraid will happen if I try.

Negative - how does my current way of thinking affect my attitude.

Positive - A new way of thinking. A new attitude.

New Habits - only those things that move me forward towards my goal.

Routine - is how I'm getting there slowing me down. Can I improve it, modify it, or change it all together.

Passion - what is driving me towards my goal.

Motivation - What is driving me towards my goal.

Pressure - good drives me. Bad = get rid of it.

Decisions - doing it.

Action - Taking that first step, and every step thereafter.

Self Talk - encouraging myself along the way.

Self Assessment - revisiting all the others to stay on track.

The Prize - I did it!

Andrea said...


Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Great exercise!

Superfluous Brunette said...

Scattered indeed! Like my mind when I engage in bad habits, negative self talk, fall out of routines...I certainly see some road signs there that I stand at when I should move on :)

Lorenza said...

As concerning my personal journey I would focus on GOALS, MOTIVATIONS, ACTION, PASSION, DECISIONS. But I would add COMMITMENT because this is the strenght of the above mentioned ones. I am experiencing now that commitment makes the difference and create the natural habit of: having goals, being motivated, taking actions, nurturing passions, stand up and decide.


Dayne Gingrich said...

Commitment is very important. I would add ACCEPTANCE also.

When we commit, we need to accept all outcomes. When we're 100% accepting of (X) result, we naturally relax, our heads clear, resulting in a better "performance."

Phil-theincredibleshrinkingman said...

i would also add belief.

Belief that nothing is unobtainable, that the falls are merely diversions on the journey that as long as i keep faith with myself then i can achieve the impossible.