Thursday, November 18, 2010

Your Story: "I Dare You!"

This next story is soooo powerful! My jaw is still dropped, even after the 10th time reading it. It was sent to me anonymously in one long paragraph, as if he/she was venting without taking a breathe. I could feel the emotion and the pain it was born from... yet sense the power that's taken over in the end. This is exactly why I wanted you to share Your Stories. You won't be able to read it just once.

"I Dare You!"

While others shake in your presence, I rise up, and dare you to keep walking towards me. You have no power here; no sense of belonging. You're not welcome, and never will be again. Yes, I said "again," implying you once lived near by, but that was the past. 

Now is now!

You're powerless and have no venom left to strike with. I see you trying to intimidate. I remember the signs. This time, I'm wiser, ready to punch back. If you raise your hand to me today, you'll feel more pain than you can imagine. 

You see, I'm much different than I was in the past. I'm no longer weak and timid. I'm no longer sad and willing to be abused. I will no longer allow you to throw your hands, feet, or any other object in my direction. I'm unwilling to crawl in a corner and cower to your every bark.

You're my bitch now!

No, I won't touch you, like you did me. I'll simply walk away, speechless, yet powerful. My silence is my weapon. You can't make me scream anymore, as I now know this is when you smile. I dare you to try, though. I dare you to walk in my direction, look in my eyes, or speak my name. I dare you to even think about hurting me. A part of me wishes you'd become so bold again, as this would be the happiest day of my life. Please be bold. I dare you.

When you think of me, what do you see? Scared, right? That's laughable now. Close your eyes and think again. This time, picture strength. Picture me kicking your ass, day after day. Go on, picture it. I dare you. 

See me waking up every morning, stretching my arms, and looking forward to the upcoming day. I'm not alone when I open my eyes, either. I have a beautiful ray of sunshine always waking me up, my dog Sammy licking my cheek, and I'm guaranteed to be accompanied by my new found power!

Walk this way again. Open your mouth again. Raise your hand again. I dare you! 



Bruce Coltin said...

Okay Coach, you got me. Who wrote it? And what is the story behind the story?

Dayne Gingrich said...


I don't know who wrote this. It was emailed anonymously. As far as the story, there wasn't a backstory in his/her email.

It came to me w/ these words, all in one paragraph.

There's obviously a lot of pain being spilled over... but turns into a ton of self power.

I can't stop reading it.

Rettakat said...

I agree that this outpouring of emotion contains a newfound sense of self power. But...

It also made me sad for the person, for I also hear a lot of pain, hurt, and rejection under all that anger.

They are obviously on a journey to their freedom. And the first step has been taken.. to rise up and declare they won't take it any more! They realized...finally BELIEVED they didn't have to take it. That they truly DID have more power in themselves than previously believed.

But I hope they keep going on their journey to healing, to wholeness. To stay stuck at THIS place, is to stay bitter and angry and hurt, a prisoner of those emotions... which I promise you, will POISON the rest of their life and all relationships.

To the guest author: Keep going, Dear One... until you get ALL the way free. And that will come when you finally get to the place of true freedom, which is forgiveness. They will still be accountable for what they did to you.. but forgiveness will free YOU. It is powerful... just as this self discovery you have made is powerful.

You have shown courage in this start... keep going... you can do this.

My best to you on your journey to healing,

Dayne Gingrich said...

That was such a wonderful comment, Loretta. I hope the author reads your kind words!

Better Man said...

Wow, the picture of the lightning picture for this post suits it very well. I agree with Rettakat comments and hope that the author finds the victory they deserve. If war was won by words alone, then this author has already won.

Phil-theincredibleshrinkingman said...

what an incredible story, Loretta is so right, so much strength but also pain and vunerability at the same time.