Sunday, January 2, 2011

1% At Her Finest (A Mareon Update)

Here's the latest on Mareon, the 17 year old I wrote about in my last post:

After battling a mysterious illness for most of 2010, Mareon has been cured!! The doctors had tested her for everything from Lupus to Cancer, finding nothing. After being rushed to the hospital two weeks ago, they found an infected gallbladder, which subsequently was infecting the rest of her body. They removed the gallbladder and promised her a full recovery.

Through all of this, Mareon has stayed strong, kept fighting like no other I've ever seen, and promised to never quit. We talk nearly every day, and one thing that's a constant with her: An understanding that this ordeal has, and will continue to make her stronger. She doesn't talk like this to make herself sound tough... she really IS this tough. She always knew what being 1% meant on paper, but she now knows what it feels like in her core. She understands the importance of punching back when road blocks throw their best shot, and now can see the direct result of the fight.

Through all the tears of frustration, came a confidence and inner strength that will carry her past all future challenges. This 17 year old can (and WILL) do anything she wants in life. Her immediate goal: Play professional golf on the LPGA. There's no doubt she'll make it to the Tour, but I have a sneaking suspicion she'll be living a life of inspiration and motivation to more than just golf fans.

"If I can fight through this, NOTHING can ever stop me. 1% is how I live, what I do, and who I am!"



Lauraa said...

I'm so glad she's better. An inspiration to us all.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thanks Lauraa. You two have a lot in common. I'll be contacting you soon about guest blogging for sure. Be ready ;-)


Lauraa said...

Okay, I hope all is well at your end. I sincerely hope your friend finds health and happiness. Don't feel compelled to make me a guest blogger. Only if you feel it's right in your heart. Otherwise, there's no point :) Instinct is best.

Rettakat said...

I'm just getting caught up on blog reading... and what a remarkable story! Mareon is amazing, for ANY age. I certainly wish her well, and want to remember to watch out for her name in the sports headlines in the future!


Patrice said...

Bless her heart. we all learned a valuable lesson from this story; never give up!

Dayne please stop by my blog for your reward