Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Things Happening!

Stay tuned for some huge updates about the progress of some of my students. It's impossible to mention all their incredible accomplishments, so if I don't mention YOU, I apologize.

I've been going pretty heavy on Twitter, which has been awesome... and helped me meet many more future 1% stars. 44 year old Southern California golf pro Bill Ranson (@golferBill), soon to be 45 year old Touring rookie, will be featured at Not only is he laying it all on the line to turn pro, but is also going to play 24 straight hours of golf to raise money for the Children's Make A Wish Foundation.  Can't wait to join him for that experience. 24 hours!! Bill is 1% on and off the course.

Derell Aton (@Tourboy10) is former football stud, turned golfer... now in college, and making his way to 1%. The confidence he's shown in the last month has been shocking, actually. There's no doubt he'll be playing big time golf at the next level. I'll be featuring him here in the next couple of days. Stay tuned for his "before and after" 1%.

Of course, there's Mareon Smit (@MareonSmit167). What more can I possibly say about her? I've written countless number of posts on this 1% master (only 17 years old, remember). She's fought back from serious illness, never thought about quitting, and is now on the road to the LPGA. Other than my wife and daughter, she's my #1 hero! I've learned more from her than I've taught her. My little two year old will grow up to know her... and know her well!!

I met Craig Swinburn recently (@craigswinburn), who's battling the European mini tours, but will soon step it up to the next level. He, Bill, and I have an ongoing bet of who will shoot the lowest round this year. As I was talking trash to them yesterday, it occurred to me that these two guys are PROFESSIONALS... and I'm... errr... NOT! What was I thinking? I'm really excited to work more with this future Touring Pro. 1% is our only goal for him!

I also recently met Davee Blair (@therealDLB3), who's on a journey to go from a 30 handicap to scratch. This guy is definitely passionate about making it happen. He's currently dropped his handicap down to a 19, which is huge... but will soon be tested, mentally, as he gets closer to single digits. His willingness to reach the 1% is awesome, and I look forward to working more with him. Check the details of his journey at

Of course there are more, and I love them all. They've all made me the teacher I am. I truly believe I'm as much of a student as I am a teacher. I believe in every single one of you 1% searchers, and know it will happen for you!

Keep stepping. Left foot. Right foot. 1% only!

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