Thursday, May 12, 2011

If I Only Knew Then...

During a recent playing session, I caught myself thinking about my past, almost as if time paused for a moment. As I was explaining how to take his strengths to the next level, I experienced a powerful flashback, taking me to a time where I needed the same advice.

I was born swinging the tennis racquet and making jump shots. At two years old, I was rallying over the net with my dad. Andre Agassi wasn't doing that until he was five, to put it into perspective. Numerous articles were written about how I was going to be the "next huge thing," etc. On the basketball court, I played point guard on traveling All Star teams from third grade on. My mom and dad handed me some wonderful DNA, to say the least. I had the physical talent to be top 10 tennis player in the world, and play college basketball almost anywhere in the country.

So then... why did I end up in junior college for a year?

The answer is why I created Coach Your Mind, and why I understand, so deeply, what my students are feeling: I never had a mentor guiding me, helping me see what could be if I pushed past my own comfort levels. There wasn't anyone teaching me how to overcome the fears and doubts that paralyzed me. My ego was in charge at all times, never allowing me to feel free during competition. Sure, dad was always there, giving me good advice, but he was d-a-d... what did he know?!

My physical abilities were a gift, and helped me reach a high level, but that eventually ended! Raw talent wasn't enough!

I needed a vision. I lacked the understanding of how powerful my thoughts and actions were. I needed someone who would push me further than I believed, or even wanted to go. My entire youth, I was told how good I was, which is great when it's coming from family, but no one from the outside stepped in and kicked my butt to another mental level. My mind was focused, but wasn't discipline. It could concentrate for long periods of time, but wasn't expanded past mediocre beliefs. I never learned what it meant to separate myself from the pack; to become the 1%!

If I knew then what I know now... a statement I hate, and one I'm shedding from my daily thoughts. My biggest goal is to help my students never have to lean on that crutch; help them KNOW NOW!

Flash into the future, and look back on today. What could you have accomplished? How could you have pushed harder? What did you need to do in order to separate from the pack? Why aren't you doing all of those things NOW?!

Don't repeat my mistakes. Read this, think about it, and take action. You have an advantage I never had. Because of today's technology, there are an unlimited amount of mentors for you to grab ahold of... you have no excuses! You're not allowed to say, "If I only knew then..." You DO know.

Separate from the pack. Become the 1%!!

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Rettakat said...

Oh, how many times have I said that very thing to myself... But I LIKE how you take that, and project it into the future looking back to NOW, and use it as a tool to go to another "mental level."

Growing up I had no one either, to guide, encourage and mentor me. I hope your students get even an inkling of how blessed they are to have you!

This post really caught me at a good time, and I appreciate it. Thank you!