Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Not Magic

Next level success has reached a few of my students lately- almost at the same time. All time best scores have occurred, personal best records, and goals met that were once thought "unrealistic." As I sit here writing, I think back to the days each one of them said things like, "It would be nice to become great, but it's going to be really tough... maybe even too tough. I'm not sure if I have what it takes to achieve such lofty goals." 

Without exception, they all had reservations about being able to touch the places I guaranteed they'd reach. They were all excited about beginning, but natural fear and doubt lived inside, mainly from past beliefs. Thinking back to where they were then, compared to today, I can't help but pump my fist a little in celebration. 

The recipe for their success wasn't a magic pill they took with water twice a day. It wasn't blind faith, where they closed their eyes and hoped for greatness. Next levels entered their lives because they were unwilling to accept anything less. They became immersed in the process of figuring out what made them tick, and used that knowledge to propel them forward. They called and/or texted me daily, asking questions or simply sharing milestones. They went to bed thinking about how to improve the next day, and woke up doing whatever it took to make it happen. 

They believed before they were shown evidence!

Amy was a scared girl two years ago, believing she was destined for average. Her lack of self belief manifested itself through temper tantrums and a cold-blooded stare that could scare the devil. She went from a girl who "participated" in sports, to a hardcore athlete! Before we compete against each other now, I have to stretch for 30 minutes, and pray that I'll walk away without a limp. She made a decision to commit to the next level, and is now reaping the rewards. As a result of her newfound confidence, she'll forever be called an All American!

John was angry, to say the least. He was mad at you, me, and all of them. He was frustrated that his potential wasn't being reached, but didn't know how to change it, angering him further... and the cycle went round-n-round. After making a decision to immerse himself in a future successful mental picture, he realized that potential. After seeing it happen before it happened, and believing it WOULD happen, he shot his personal best score on the golf course, surpassing it by 8 strokes. He's currently reevaluating  his long term goals, knowing he can go bigger and better. 

When I met Karen, she wanted to lose 80 lbs., but didn't think it was possible. This mindset was paralyzing because the want was so great, but the lack of belief was even greater. This left her in a "state of stuck," not allowing her to move. Imagine yourself trying to walk head first into a 50 mile an hour wind. This was her daily existence. After creating a mental picture of 100% success, and a belief that it absolutely WOULD happen if she acted every day, she shed 75 lbs., and is on her way to running a half marathon. Creating new mental habits was her key to becoming 1%.

It's not magic. It's commitment, discipline, and a willingness to become immersed in the process!


Erica said...

she still has the ice cold medusa stare.
it scares the living poo outta anyone who is on the unfortunate receiving end

Dayne Gingrich said...

I know, right? Girl must practice it in the mirror!!

spldbch said...

I think believing you are capable is a necessary prerequisite for almost any achievement.