Monday, October 17, 2011

Is This Self Sabotage?

I regularly teach and write about creating a 1% Mindset -- separating from the pack of average thinkers and doers. In order to attain this goal, we must push past our comfort zones, risk failure, and take massive action.

A student recently reminded me that we could be achieving all of this, yet still be unaware of our progress. What if, after hours of disciplined, passionate effort, we reach this next level, but fail to draw from it's success? I've rarely focused on this part of the equation, because I've assumed the achievement would be so obvious, failure to feel it's power would be impossible.

Chris, my student, has reached this plateau, yet is still choosing to feel unworthy... as if his accomplishments didn't exist. He's choosing to close his eyes to all the past success he's achieved these last two years, but why?

It's a self protection and fear of failure issue. In his warped sense of reality, if he acknowledges his improvement, he'll then be held to a higher standard, and expectations of him will be launched to another level. These pressures can be suffocating, if not viewed through positive, opportunistic lenses. He's currently choosing to see the possible failure of the new expectations, knowing many would be left disappointed. The last thing he wants to do is disappoint anyone, including himself, so by standing still in his current mindset, this will remain a non issue.

Instead, he must view these new expectations as an opportunity to propel himself to an exciting future, where boundaries don't exist. Use the pressure he feels to fuel his 1% Mindset.

Everyone feels fear ... but the elite have learned that it's this fear that drives them. They turn the fear of failure into an opportunity to achieve. They choose to see successful outcomes, and understand that failure may be a part of the process, but it's not what defines them. They know they're defined by the actions they take immediately following setbacks.

Be fearless as you move forward. Make sure you're moving forward.


Amy said...

Really enjoyed reading your post...i love that last paragraph about fear. So true. Thank you for the reminder :)

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thanks, Amy! I'm glad this post resonated with you.

Fear keeps many from reaching their goals. Keep moving forward.

Rettakat said...

It occurred to me as I read along, that it feels "safe" to run with the pack! To not require more of oneself, to not stand apart and take that risk. Hmmm...

I was also thinking about several blog posts and/or comments I've read recently, all saying essentially the same thing: whenever they announce how "well" they are doing, they know that soon after they will fall on their face.

Almost like a set-up... and they are connecting the two, and so are now afraid to lay claim to "victory". I know there is a flaw in this logic... yet it's hard to get to the bottom of it.

Just that fear you talked about here?? They are afraid of becoming "over confident" and then getting what they perceive as the inevitable backlash of failure... instead of accepting failure as a part of the process, and an opportunity to achieve. ???

Once again... you've set me thinking. :-)