Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Only Thing Holding You Back Is...

In my last video post, Will Smith hit it on the head:

"Just decide," he said. "The moment I decide, it's done... I've already made it real. Now all that's left is waiting to see what's it's going to look like."

It's not about whether you want it or not, it only comes down to whether or not you make a committed decision to get it! After that decision, you'll find a way of attaining that goal, no matter the obstacles.

Another piece of the video that hit home was Will's explanation of Talent vs. Skill:

"Talent comes from the inside- it's already there. Skill comes from hours and hours of hard work. It's this skill that will separate you from the rest. I'm not the most talented, but I will outwork anyone."

This is a huge factor that must be understood, thoroughly, in order to achieve your next level. God given talent is wonderful, but without putting in massive time to hone your craft, you'll find yourself sitting in the same chair, year after year.

"If we get on the treadmill at the same time, only two things will happen: Either you quit first, or I'll die on this treadmill!"

His mindset will NEVER, EVER allow him to quit. He'll die trying, before he stops working. Again, the success he's tasted isn't about his talent ... it comes from his relentlessness; his ability to only see future triumph.

The only thing holding you back is ... you! Believe, decide, become the 1%.


spldbch said...

Man, do I get tired of people coming to therapy wanting a magic fix. I'll give them things to try or suggest techniques to use in between sessions. When I see them again they haven't even attempted to use or apply what I suggested.

You are so right -- if you don't commit yourself and then take concrete actions to move you in the right direction then you're never going to get anywhere.

Dayne Gingrich said...

I hear you. Its the toughest part of the job... having zero control over their actions.