Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Now What?!

I often get asked where to begin when trying to create the 1% Mindset. In theory, it's easy, but the real life application is where the elite separate from the mediocre.

The first thing that must be accomplished is making a committed decision, promising yourself that nothing will stop you from reaching your goals. The difference between a regular decision and the committed decision is one simple word: Sacrifice! You need to be willing to sacrifice everything that may stand in your way, potentially blocking your achievement. I've made countless number of decisions, but only a handful of committed decisions. Without exception, every committed decision I've made has turned into a successful attainment of my goals.

The next thing that must immediately take place is eliminating "try" from your vocabulary, substituting "I will, no matter what it takes..." in it's place. There's no room for try. It only leads to doubt and hesitation, ultimately bringing failure.

1% isn't outcome based. You don't have to become number one in the world ... but you must become number one in YOUR world. It's a way of thinking, leading to a specific way of acting. This specific type of action will eventually lead you to anything you want to achieve.

Success is relative, and means many different things, all individual to your motivations. It mustn't be compared to anyone except your own reflection. Look deep within, ask yourself if 1% is really worth the dedication and sacrifice. If the answer is yes, look back at that reflection, stare into it's soul, make that committed decision, and write on a piece of paper: "Now What?!"

The answer will reveal itself, day-by-committed-day.

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