Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm Sick And Tired Of It...

I want to share an email that a student sent to me after Tiger Woods won this weekend. Feel the emotion in his writing. It's this emotion that will allow his future to change. He's finally hit a place where the pain of mediocrity is stronger than the pleasure of that specific comfort zone...


I'm so sick and tired of all the excuses! They do nothing for me. They're holding me back and not letting me be the player I want to be. I promise to never let those excuses take over my game again.

I can't. I would if. I'm too tired. I have too much homework. It's so unfair. I would've won if.

These all get in my way. I know, I know - I've chosen them by myself. I've chosen to make them #1 over just getting it done, but I'm done with all that now. I'm sick and tired of all the excuse-making (bleep)! 

After watching Tiger Woods make birdies on 17 AND 18 today to win the Chevron, a light went on in my head. He could've thrown in the towel after getting down by 1 with 2 holes to play, but he didn't. He stayed focused, didn't make any excuses for why he was losing, and drained two huge putts to win. If that was me, in my current mental state, I would've definitely lost. I'm sick of it!

From this moment on, coach, I promise to totally commit to the work we're doing, and never speak another excuse. If I'm playing bad, I'll face facts as to why, and fix them. If something unfortunate happens to me while I'm playing, I'll refocus myself, and stay in the moment. I now understand why you always say "It's never over, even if the fat lady does sing." 


(Golfer, Division I college)
1% Mindset from this moment on!

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Anonymous said...

keegan bradley in the 2011 PGA Champ. coming back from 5 down with 3 to play to force a playoff and eventually win after making triple boggy on his 15th hole is another great example. Anything is possible!