Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tell Him He Can't ... Watch What Happens!

I wanted to post a day-in-the-life of Eric Magidson, a student and newfound friend, who's on a mission to qualify for the Nationwide Tour's Boise Open in late 2012. In this video, he replicates Tiger Woods' practice day. 

He's not "hoping" or only talking about "how cool it would be if..." He's taking massive action toward this goal. He's working with an amazing swing coach, Joey Pickavance, he's hired a golf specific physical trainer, and I'm helping reshape his mental approach. 

I asked Eric to "announce" his dream goal to the world on Twitter and post these type of videos, not only to make himself accountable, but also to face his past fears of naysayers' opinions. Confidence will grow every time he shares a piece of his journey. Follow his progress at

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Inside the Swing said...

Impressive. My only suggestion to Eric would be to set his goal a little further down the line. Just getting qualified and playing in the tournament the first two days to miss the cut won't leave him very satisfies. Maybe change the goal "to make the cut"....I have been there done that. It's pretty easy to get awestruck and then play mediocre. It happened to me...