Thursday, December 8, 2011

Invite Uncomfortable To Stay Awhile

On the tennis court today with a student, I pushed her past her normal comfort zone."You have to learn this shot if you want to play professionally." Her response: "But it feels too uncomfortable. I can't get used to it."

On the golf course today with a different student, I was helping him on the greens."Your visuals need to get much more detailed. You need to see and feel every ounce of these putts. Track each into the bottom of the cup." His response: "You're right. It feels uncomfortable, but that's o.k. because I know it won't last. I'll get this."

Between these two athletes, who's more likely to reach the next level in their career? The tennis player knew she needed to change in order to play at the highest level, but resisted because of HOW IT FELT. The golfer also knew he needed to change, but he accepted it as part of his process, and embraced the challenge. Two exact same situations ... two totally different choices of mindset.

"Uncomfortable" is a fact of life, when looking to attain more than average. Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is crucial during these sometimes frustrating times. There isn't an easy way to achieve greatness, which is exactly why 1% find that level. The one's who do find it have learned to love, accept, and invite the uncomfortable. They actually need it in their life, because it's the one aspect that will propel them past the 99% average who are afraid of it.

The way you view change, and the inevitable feeling of frustration, is a choice only you and the mirror can make. There are only two paths to walk: Denial or acceptance. Either continue with the excuses of why it's too difficult, or invite uncomfortable to stay awhile.

Your choice of mindset will determine which level you reach.


Sarah said...

Love this quote. It's the only we can progress, right?

Rettakat said...

By giving the two examples of how our attitudes actually play out in real life, you really made the point crystal clear... wow!
I bookmarked this to read again... the next time I am tempted to crawl back into my comfortable turtle shell.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Next level means nonstop work & relentless determination. Keep reminding yourself, Loretta