Friday, February 3, 2012

Do Or Don't ... Your Choice

There's nothing better for me than talking with someone who's totally committed and passionate about his future. The only thing that can top that is when the same player tells me that no one thinks he can do it, and it only motivates him more.

THIS is the 1% Mindset!

Today, I was fortunate enough to meet another one of those players. I can't tell you how lucky and blessed I am to be able to learn from all of my students. Each one brings a unique quality and sense of himself / herself to the table. Being a coach means some teaching ... but also means a ton of learning and looking for ways to push each other past our comfort zones.

After talking today with a player who's struggled in the past with confidence and coaches telling him he'd never amount to anything, I hung up the phone knowing he was going to make it! Instead of quitting, as 99% of players would have, he chose to use his naysayers' criticism as fuel. He made a committed decision to seek out a top swing coach, accumulate the correct information, and figure out how to be the best.

He repeated more than once that he wanted me to push him past his comfort zone -- he enjoyed feeling uncomfortable. This fact, alone, is enough reason to believe in is future. Anyone who is comfortable with being uncomfortable will succeed at the elite level. All we have along the way are moments of uncomfortable, sprinkled with comfort here and there.

Will you wake up earlier than your opposition, knowing that while they only dream of success, you're out there sweating for it? Will you push muscles and belief systems past the point of exhaustion, knowing that fatigue is an illusion, created by the 99%?

Look at yourself and ask the tough questions ... what are your answers?


Sarah said...

I needed this today. thanks.

Dayne Gingrich said...

You're welcome, Sarah. Thank YOU!