Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who Do You Believe?

Becoming the 1% isn't a technique. It isn't a magic pill. It isn't about taking a weekend motivational seminar. The 1% is a way of being; a mindset that believes possibility is everywhere ... no matter what anyone says or tries to prove.

One of the most difficult parts of this journey is the naysayers' opinions of "why you can't, why you won't, and why you shouldn't even try." As humans, we naturally want to be liked and want others to agree with what we believe, but this instinct must be extinguished in order to separate from the pack.

As you move closer and closer to your goals, you'll notice how many people think it's o.k. to share their negative opinions about your personal expectations. Today, I had to remind a student to focus on the reasons behind his naysayers' opinions. The harder he works, the more pronounced their weaknesses become, as if he's holding a mirror to their faces. His passion and discipline reminds them of their lack of self belief and willingness to step out of their comfort zone. Their lack of strength is magnified by the intensity of his daily action and risk-taking. Instead of taking these insults personally, take them as compliments - their attacks mean you're doing something right.

Every time someone tells me I can't or won't, I smile, knowing I'm getting close. We all have the choice to feel sorry for ourselves, take the insults personally, or instead, flip the meaning 180 degrees. When 99 people tell you it'll never happen, do you believe them ... or do you go inside, trusting the 1 and only person that matters?!

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