Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Imaginary Fog

You're at the free throw line with :05 left on the clock, down 1. You have a 7' par putt to win your first tournament at the next level. It's match point on the tennis court and you're serving.

Are these Pressure moments or Defining moments? You choose. Is there fog clouding your decision making process, with your heart rate pumping out of control, or do you feel acceptance and peace for all possible outcomes?

These moments are why I played and why I hope you compete and continue to work on improvement. When you read the above scenarios, doesn't each one pump you up, making you think about your own specific challenges? Do they make you feel empowered, as you attempt to answer fog vs. clarity? If so, why then, do so many still continue to view these opportunities as moments to fail, rather than a time to create greatness and separation from the pack?

This "fog" can only be lifted when you realize it's YOU who have the power, not an external force, such as a coach, book, or device. Someone may be needed to help guide you to this realization, but greatness already lives inside. This power will be unveiled when you make a committed decision to allow it to overtake you as a person and athlete.

It's on you. Last second shot, one putt left, or a second serve that will determine your next moment ... what's it doing to be? 


randomstuffwelike said...

Love this. We definitely should view those "moments of truth" as opportunities, not obstacles.

My problem tends to be the reverse. I can rise to the occasion, but without the pressure of that last-second shot, can revert to being stagnant. The trick for me is to make everyday moments feel like the bottom of the 9th, with 2 out and 3 on.

Dayne Gingrich said...

You're a "player!" You thrive on these moments. Next, it's time to develop that mindset that separates with way ahead. It's a learned skill...

Thanks for the comment.