Friday, June 22, 2012

A Decision He Made

This isn't going to be a play-by-play post about Lebron James winning a championship, but rather, why he finally won!

I wasn't previously a fan of LeBron, partly because I'm a huge Kobe supporter, but mostly because of how he performed during his defining moments. In the past, he's been afraid to shine - fearful of risking it all. He talked about "wanting" to win a championship, but unlike Jordan or Kobe, could never put his ego on the line, and dominate with the game in the balance.

This year's playoff run was different. He had that "look" that said it was going to be his this time - no one was going to take the championship away from him. He simply made a committed decision! He chose to be fearless during those moments that would define his legacy. This year's championship trophy is now his because of the pain of losing it last year. THIS is how he was able to finally choose 1% Greatness over mediocrity. James used the pain of 2011's loss to Dallas to fuel his fire.

As every 1% Success Story illustrates ... pain is needed, inevitable, and mandatory! Fail for 364 days in a row, if needed, knowing on day 365, you'll explode to another level! Use every struggle and tear of frustration to launch you to places you didn't know existed - because they do exist, and are waiting for you!

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