Thursday, June 14, 2012

How much are you sacrificing? Daily, I hear how committed people are to "taking their game to the next level," but rarely, are they willing to sacrifice their comfort zones. 

I recently switched my sleep schedule, which I thought I'd never do, because I loved going to bed super late. I thought I was the most creative after midnight, so I'd stay up till 1:30, wake up at 630. I'd do a little in the morning before my daughter woke up, then start my day. I believed I was separating from the pack because I was going to bed late, and only sleeping for 5 hours. Something was missing, though. After listening to Eric Thomas talk repeatedly about how he wakes up every morning at 3:00, and how this took his business to another level, I decided I'd experiment with waking up earlier. I've read the same info Eric has about how the most successful people in the world wake up at ungodly hours, in order to separate - but I was never willing to sacrifice like that, prior. That was then! My comfort zone was about to be shattered! 

I started by going to bed at 12:30, waking up at 5:45. I was shocked at how easy it was, and how fast the time flew in the morning, while I worked until my daughter woke up. It actually wasn't enough time, though, so I decided to bump my wake up time to 5:15, but that also wasn't enough time. I'm now going to bed before 11, waking up at 4:30! I'm seeing instant results - things are changing around me. I'm becoming so addicted to the work I can achieve this early, I'm considering adjusting my sleep schedule again

Because I was willing to step out of my comfort zone for the long term betterment of my business, I'm seeing huge things happen - right away!  Rest is mandatory ... sleep is a luxury. I don't have that luxury!

When I hear people talk about how they need 8.5 - 9 hours of sleep to function, I laugh now. I know this is simply an excuse for not wanting to step out of comfort zones and do more than they're used to doing. 99% of people will say they "want it badly," but only 1% will ever do anything about it! 

What will YOU do to separate from the pack? Stop talkin, start doin!


Rettakat said...

You know, sometimes I get really irritated at what you write. But it's THOSE times that I make myself pay careful attention, and say okay Loretta, WHY are you reacting? What is there that you really need to hear??

So once again, the topic of time management is at the forefront. Of paying the price to make real change instead of just whining about it.

I will do some thinking about what you've written here. Thank you once again. :-}

Dayne Gingrich said...

I'm sorry I irritate you, but I'm glad I irritated you!!

You're not supposed to agree with everything I write ... but I hope that THINKING will take place.