Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flip The Switch

I see it manifesting - there's no doubt, no hesitation, no worry. This wasn't always the case, however!

There was a time where I hoped, wanted, and wished my goals would appear. I woke up every morning, not excited for the challenge to make them happen, but instead, worried about what my life would look like if they didn't. This type of mindset froze me, not allowing for complete immersion into the process. I talked about what I wanted, but never made a decision to sacrifice, and do whatever it took to produce the result. Looking back, it was 100% fear! I was afraid of, not only the work needed, but the feeling of failure if it didn't take shape.

People ask me all of the time, how I flipped the switch from fear to passion. My answer is simple: I became sick of being afraid! That's it! I made a DECISION that my life would no longer be consumed with "what if I don't," and consciously replaced it with a choice of fearlessness and discipline. Most are looking for a magic formula that will somehow transform their thinking - I know I was. The 'secret' lies within your motivation for doing what you're doing. My passion is (in this order) my family and helping change mindsets for generations to come. One person at a time, I will eliminate the word "realistic" from our vocabulary.

The moment I switched my thinking from "how is this going to happen" to "this WILL absolutely happen," my life instantly changed. Confidence flooded my mindset, results began to appear, and my environment began to shift. Total immersion in making my goals appear was all I knew ... and I all I know, today.

Stop waiting for it to happen to you ... make it happen for you!

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