Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How Is It Possible?

To achieve greatness, you must reach higher than "good." If you play it safe and hope for good, 1% greatness will be an impossibility.

Where you are now is not where you'll be in the future, but before excellence can be attained, unwavering belief is mandatory. You must know your goals will be achieved before evidence shows it's face. This is counterintuitive - most won't believe in themselves until they're assured success. Oprah, Jobs, and Jordan all knew they'd separate from mediocrity long before they actually achieved separation. This ability to mentally go beyond "realistic" is shared with the majority of 1% success stories, and plays a major role in everything they do.

Working backwards from the finished product allows the mind to better figure out the "how" of the process, and keeps motivation alive. The main ingredient in this type of thinking, however, is fearlessness. You must not be afraid to make a wrong decision along the way. Make a committed decision that you'll continue taking risks, stay aggressive along your path, and never stop until the goal is reached.

Believe that it will manifest ... the how will work itself out.

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