Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Be Honest

I wanted to share an email I was recently sent - read it carefully. Grab it's true meaning ...

Last night I was taking a break from my late night blogging and trying to rest my mind by indulging in some television time with my husband. We were watching a show called “The Voice (the blind auditions)” which I found surprisingly engaging with many gifted contestants and amusing banter amongst the judges. The premise of the show is that the contestants sing and the judges can’t see what they look like. They must judge them only on what they hear and turn their chairs around if they want them for their team. If multiple judges turn around the contestant must choose which judges team they wish to join.  There was a moment in the show when three of the four judges turned around, although one had waited until the very last moment—only seconds before the performance ended.  When the contestant questioned each judge as to why they wanted him on their team, each provided standard complimentary responses. Finally when the judge who waited was asked what his hesitation was, he gave critical and honest feedback about the performance, making the point that there was room for improvement.  The contestant picked the honest judge saying later that he appreciated his constructive criticism. 

I have been thinking about this moment and the choices we make in life to open ourselves up to the opinions and guidance of others. We always have the choice to ask for feedback, but so often we shut our eyes and ears with the belief that we know better, instead of opening our minds and hearts to the possibilities.  Instead we want to be invisible rather than allow others to help us nurture the growth that is inevitable, that is destined. 

Someone said to me the other day that “you can either embrace your inner priestess or she will become your inner bag lady”.  At the time I thought I understood what he was trying to tell me but, upon further reflection I think that I have just begun to reveal the true meaning. Perhaps my "priestess self" isn’t exactly how I would like the outside world to see me. I might not be ready to reveal her honestly and this person was boldly calling me out for having some work to do to accept and reveal my true self.  At the time I wasn't ready to hear it, as I open myself up to accepting his true message to me, I can suddenly see myself more clearly and hopefully move forward to a better place. If I continued to deny my inner priestess her due care and attention, she just might turn on me and start sifting through my inner trash.  When we choose to move forward and embrace change (i.e. our inner priestess) we are propelled forward, but when we turn our back on the truth and deny change and growth,  we become stagnant in a landfill of our own making.

When we boldly seek honesty, crave it, accept it, we are rewarded by transformation. I think that as I have found in myself and as I observe in others around me, the unconscious path is more often chosen--that of kind words, and lovely reflections--it lures us down an endless, vapid path with no reward. When we consciously invite true reflections and kind but honest guidance it leads us to amazing places that we never could have dreamed of. 

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