Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm So Jealous Of My Logan!

Watching my little Logan, 10 months old, furniture walk around the house this morning made me envious of her careless attitude. She thinks that nothing will hurt her, she can do anything, and nothing is impossible.

No one has preached to her, "no... that's probably too difficult. Look for something safer ~ less

She's the definition of Fearless, plain and simple! She can do anything she wants... and why not, really? She doesn't understand that she doesn't know how to walk without the help of the couch or chairs, even when she keeps falling on her butt. She only thinks that NOW WILL BE THE TIME! She will walk this time without the help from any stupid side table. If not this time, she knows with 100% certainty that the next time will be her defining moment as a 10 month old.

Don't you wish you woke up every morning with this attitude about your day? I do. I wish it was natural and instinctive to open my eyes and only be able to focus on my "defining moment," rather than the what-ifs or the could-have's. When does this fearless innocence fade away... and why does it have to? We just assume that it has to, because it always seems to. What if we were raised differently, and taught to think as if "we can walk without holding on to that couch?" How different would our current lives be? How unique would our outcomes have become?

Logan hobbles around the living room, as if to say...

"I don't care, daddy ~ it doesn't matter what happens after this next step, because I believe it'll be the one. This will be the moment where you and mommy take out the video, film me walking all by myself, and then Youtube or email it to everyone. Ready? Here I go... ouch, that hurt. Pick me up... I want to do it again!"


Erica Cano said...

aww this post is so true& cute. every step is a new adventure, a new time to shine instead of looking at it as a new time to fail. always keep your head up& looking towards the bright shiny future.

go logan! ps.. when do i get to see the little tike again????

Charlene said...

So true... though we could never be as adorable as she is! Very cute!

Deborah said...

That is so true! I wish my daughter would wake up with that attitude and not let her 18YO world bother her so much!
You probably have heard of DBT behavior lessons(life lessons), it teaches you to live in the moment! Just like your beautiful little daughter!
PS, I left you a message on your Angel post.

Matty said...

She's a doll. Children are wonderful reminders of the innocence and carefree-ness of youth.

Calli said...

Awe, just the sweetest and we can all learn about 'determination' and living in the moment from little sweeties like her! ;)

Thank you, Dayne~
Hope your week is great!

Athena. said...

Aww - she's adorable!
Children are in fact beyond inspiring,

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Ahhh... she's adorable!

Erica Cano said...

i have my second final in one hour from two minutes ago. i came by your blog for a quick motivational speech and i got it :) even though i figuratively fell down quite hard on the midterm, im gunna kick this finals butt!

José Ramón said...

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Melissa B. said...

Oh, she is a doll baby! Just wait 'til she gets older...she'll STILL think she's invincible, I'll betcha!

astrogalaxy said...

Lovely child!
Your blog is full of different topics! COOL!