Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let Me Ask...

When will it begin?
When will it end?
How did I get here?
Where will I go when I get there?

Do you ever wonder?
Do you feel like sometimes you don't know what to feel?
There are often times I see sooo much, yet know so little about what I see.
Ever been there?

Ever been to a place where you don't belong... but see someone you recognize, and ask how that happened?
He's not more "ready," is he?
Yes, he is... know why?
Because he said he is, and didn't ask any questions.

Have you ever wanted to ask, but didn't due to fear, nerves, confidence, or lack thereof?
Actually, why not?

Will there be a day, a moment, a frozen piece of time where we say, "yep... knew I was right!"
Can we expect to understand what we never will?

I don't know how... only when.
You see it, believe it, do it, but never achieve it.
That sounds wrong... let me look through different lenses.

There must be times in our lives where we say enough of this ~ I'm going to forget everything I was taught, and just simply figure things out on my own. Anyone have any advice?

Teach, teach... learn, learn. Then forget it all please.

I read. No I don't. I look, listen, and adjust.
Do you know how to do the above?
Ever try?

When will I begin continuing what I wanted to start, yet never had the courage... do to the lack of fear?

Is arrogance truly dangerous, or are we too sure of ourselves when we give this advice?
I choose to believe we think we know way too much, especially about the stuff we know nothing about.

I have dreams, but very often awake before the realization of their meaning.
I then walk that dream, attempting to figure out it's definition.
Can we believe without knowing what to believe.
Is that faith? Fate? Destiny?
Am I stuck in the shadows of what I've been told to believe?
Is there light where I only see dark?

Knowing ourselves: Important enough to continue searching until there isn't any searching to be done?
Will it ever be done?
Some say yes, others preach maybe... I believe it depends on us, our view of self, and what it is we're looking for.

Ask questions, any questions.
Make them obvious, create confusion... do both.
Just ask.

Answers only come after the question is asked.


Rispa Frances said...

Loved your post 'Words talk. Actions speak.' It's inspirational and motivational. Thanks for that!

Matty said...

You sum up what most of us have experienced at one time or another. Questions. Fear. Anxiety, Uncertainty. We know we're right. Or are we? We know it all. Or do we? Just ask if we don't know. But they will laugh at us for asking. We know ourselves. But do we?

Dane, very thought provoking.

Bendigo said...

There is a lot of material for me to digest...

Good Post...If it gives me pause and makes me focus it's a great post actually :)

spldbch said...

Ask questions -- by all means, ask them -- but accept that there will not always be answers. That seems to be where we have the most trouble.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Stephanie said...

Yes, it is so important to ask questions. It's also important to truly listen to yourself, and the answers that come from within.
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plainolebob said...

merry merry christmas