Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Words Talk. Actions Speak!

If you say it, do it! If you promise, give it! If you schedule it, be there!

Stop talking about it, or making excuses for why it's not happening, or even worse... promising someone it'll get done, yet never getting around to it. "Sorry I was too busy." Enough of this garbage.

Man-up! Woman-up!

Be a person of your word, as this is all you really have after all. The commitments you make to others are the foundation of who you become... make them your bond to society. Make them lessons you will teach your kids and grandkids. Lead by example~ an example that SHOWS (not says) you understand the meaning of respect.

Look in the mirror. Are you a victim of this inaction? If so, put your foot down... draw a line in the sand and say enough! Stop settling for less than you deserve. Are you the person who constantly talks, promises, but never delivers? If yes, then stop. Stop today! Respect their time ~ it IS valuable. Respect yourself, and your personal value to others. Respect the importance of respect, and it's affects on all of us. Without it, what do we have?

If this sounds somewhat hostile, maybe it is. Maybe I've been shown a lot of disrespect lately... maybe I've been demonstrating a lack of respect, it doesn't matter. What truly does matter is that you get upset... upset at those doing it, and upset at yourself if you've allowed it to manifest through your actions.

Errr... I mean the lack thereof.


plainolebob said...

excuses are like viruses, everyone gets em, no one wants em, yet they seem to keep growing if you dont kill em.

Enz said...

Great post! I think alot of people have no problem keeping their word and promises to others - its to ourselves that is the bigger problem!

Bendigo said...

Thanks for the not so subtle reminder...It was a great reminder at a great time :)

Matty said...

Being on time, keeping a promise, doing as you say. They all speak volumes about your character. People tend to make excuses, and forget the impact it has on how others perceive you. I agree Dane. Man/Woman up!

Rettakat said...

For too many years I was always "on the verge", "I'm gonna", " I just re-started fresh". It's like the boy that cried wolf... pretty soon people lost belief in me that I would ever change (my context was about weight loss).

I finally stopped talking about what I was GOING to do, shut up and started DOING it, and THEN talked about what I DID.

The difference was amazing... I respected myself, and others saw that my actions lined up with my words and I gradually earned their respect.
Thank you for this post, it is sooo needed in today's "whatever" world.

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Awesome post! I'm one of those 'talk the talk' but then don't always 'walk the walk' kind of people. ESPECIALLY when it comes to weight-loss!

This was a good kick in my butt! thanks!

spldbch said...

You are so right! One of my biggests pet peeves is people who constantly say they are going to do something and then never do it. Words are important but they are not, in and of themselves, sufficient.

Anonymous said...

Great post and so true!!

Sarah said...

okay, i'll do it as soon as this holiday thing is over. i promise!

Athena. said...

Great great post!

Jay Dreamer said...

Perfect post! This is something I currently need to work on. I always say "Today I'm going to__" but I never DO it. I think it's time I put things into action. Thank you!!!