Thursday, March 4, 2010

NFL Or Bust

Coincidence or fate?

A couple weeks ago, I walked into Starbucks and saw a friend, Josh Johnson, who I hadn't seen in over 15 years. He's this big, shaved head, tough looking dude who was our high school football quarterback and star field goal kicker. He actually still holds the county's high school record for the longest field goal,
which is 52 yards.


He told me that he was on a mission to become the oldest rookie in modern NFL history, and was going to try to make it as a field goal kicker. Naturally, I thought this was an incredible, inspiring goal. Being that he is 38 years old, it was obviously going to take some hard work. He went on to say he had an expert team of physical trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, but was in the process of interviewing mental training coaches. When he said he was looking for someone to help him with the mental side of this endeavor, I almost fell down. Before I could find my way to the ground he asked,

"So... what do you do for a living?"

What do I do? What do I do? Did he just seriously ask me that question?

After talking with him for a couple of minutes, it was obvious that he was going to make a serious push at his goal of making it to the NFL. His main objective was to improve his mindset and emotional awareness, as he understood this is what was going to take him to the next level. He kept talking about "being emotionally calm and at peace," rather than becoming that person only for his NFL tryouts. He wanted to improve from the inside-out, creating a calm mind that would always be a part of who he was.

Josh has created a specific picture in his mind of what he wants to achieve, he's taking massive action, and he's changing his definition of Pressure. Think about what he's attempting to do... become an elite athlete at the age of 38, competing against the highest level possible. Strengthening his body is just a small part of the equation. He needs to completely create new, powerful mindsets and emotional triggers. There isn't any room for doubt, as this would single-handedly crumble his goals.

The picture he's painted in his mind has to be a clear as anything he sees with his eyes wide open. He has to be able to smell the grass on the field, hear the wind whistling through his helmut, and know with 100% certainty that he WILL make it!

Any pressure involved?

When we talked, he mentioned that he wanted pressure to disappear, hoping it would simply not be there. There would be pressure, and furthermore, he wanted and needed it be there. I reminded him that it's pressure that would make his goals become a reality... but he would first have to redefine the word. He's in the process of taking pressure, putting his arm around it, and making it an opportunity to...

Josh is an example for all of us who want a new or better (X). He reminds us that in order to achieve our lofty goals, we must make it clear in our minds what we want... make a blueprint of how we're going to attain it... redefine pressure, making it a powerful weapon that will to work for us... and as always, take massive daily action.

Check out Josh's journey, as he attempts to become (will become) the oldest rookie in NFL history!


Deborah said...

I hope Josh achieves his goal! A lot of atheletes do what he is doing (I think). It sounds to me as if he is visualizing what he wants and by doing so, he shall receive it. I wish everything was that simple... You will have to let us know how he does. He has the look as if he could be a good kicker!

Sarah said...

they say mind over matter--looks like he's got the mind set for it. go josh!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Yeah... he's got a pretty strong mindset. Visualization, alone, won't get him what he wants. Gotta put in the time and effort.

I wrote this, not as an athletic story only, but because we all are trying to achieve something... and our path should be the exact same as Josh's.

Rettakat said...

Well, I hope he hired you!! It would be the smartest thing he did to reach his goals. Seriously.
And I agree with what you said about our path being the same. In fact, before I read that, i was planning to make a copy of this, and insert ME..

"Loretta has created a specific picture in her mind of what she wants to achieve, she's taking massive action, and she's changing her definition of Pressure..."etc.

Because this week, since my mini-meltdown, I've been evaluating everything fresh, and how I spend my time, my priorities, timeframe for my goals, etc etc. This post is perfect to help me do this in a concrete way. Thank you so much for sharing it.


Matty said...

What an inspirational story. Now wonder you followed this up with other tales of pressure.

Now I wonder if he hired you.

Dayne Gingrich said...


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