Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's So Windy!

Running against mother nature isn't easy. I remember my dad telling me to never spit into the wind... I now know why. 

It's much easier to ride the wind in the direction it wants to go. Fighting that force of nature is brutal, but must be fought. For some reason, my instincts want to keep throwing punches against this power that keeps blowing me over. Who I am won't let me concede. I'll win, no matter how long it takes. 

What if I simply turn my back and allow this 50 mph wind to take me where I'm supposed to go? That's too easy... it can't be the correct decision. If I give in, doesn't that mean I lose. I hate losing. I actually hate losing more than I like winning.

The power of my stubbornness will prevail. It will lead me to my goals and motivations in the long run... I hope? No hoping, dammit! Commit, trust, and accept. Talk those words. Live those words. 

Every time I peek outside, the tree tops seem to want to touch the ground. It's so windy. Walking is impossible. Running is the only option... but do I put my head down and fight against, or turn my back and allow the powers-that-be to dictate? 

I've always been taught the quickest route from A to B is a straight line. I'm now doubting that lesson. There's no such thing as a straight line, especially in a hurricane. In my opinion, the fastest lane is the one that takes the most consistent steps... left, right, diagonal,  or straight. Does my new belief mean all those "wise" teachers were wrong? Did they know what they were talking about? Did they live their words? When I open my front door, and am blown back inside, I tend to conclude they were wrong. My straight line isn't as straight as I once believed.

I love the wind!


Rettakat said...

"...but do I put my head down and fight against, or turn my back and allow the powers-that-be to dictate?"

Wow, I can identify with this! Right now my life has been hit by a "hurricane". And we have decided to face into it and fight back!

I love what you said about the straight line vs zig-zag. Hadn't thought of that before, but it's so true. We are having to constantly make adjustments, depending on the direction of the wind-currents, and how they are trying to blow at us.

I love what you said at the end: I love the wind!

What an amazing attitude... I'll have to work on that. I can honestly say I love the good outcome that will come thanks to the "wind"... but I'm not too sure I'd be honest if I said I loved the wind.

Thanks for another good one!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thanks, Loretta.

"Loving the wind" took me a long time... but it's what pushes me through those times where it seems impossible to move forward.

Loving it creates a positive outlook, and makes me see opportunity only.

Good luck throwing those punches into the face of your hurricane!

spldbch said...

I'm going to use a literal example from my own life that I think still applies to your metaphorical use of running against the wind.

Most days I jog a couple of miles (I've done 12 miles so far this week!) around my neighborhood. Some days the jog is an easy one - typically when the wind is blowing in the "right" direction (behind me, pushing me along). Unfortunately, I don't get to decide which way the wind blows; inevitably, there are some days when it is blowing right at me. This definitely makes it more difficult to jog - I have to work twice as hard to move the same distance. I used to push as hard as I could to move through it and ended up wearing myself out. What I've learned is that it's acutally a lot easier if you slow down a little bit during the really strong gusts. You're still moving in the right direction but you're not using up all of your energy fighting against something you can't beat.

Dayne Gingrich said...

I love this example... and is so true with everything we do that's "against the wind."

The more efficient we act, the further along we end. The old "Tortoise vs. Hare" example.

Kirpal Singh singh said...

A very good post. Being Indian I take it otherwise. Wind is some sort of diety - as after death the biological light (soul) goes to the wind and after that .....? so eveyone should keep fresh the Nature elements
Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Singh singh said...

Good post - explanation and exhibition of Nature is perfectly alright.
Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Singh Singh said...

Eliot says : Do I dare do I dare disturb the universe"