Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Can You Handle The Pain?

Short term pain must come before the long term success arrives. The 1% have learned this is a fact, and will do whatever it takes to battle through these moments. Rather than feeling sorry for themselves, they work even harder. Instead of quitting, they make a conscious decision to do more. This short term pain is what separates the good from the elite.

Tiger Woods' career has been all about sacrificing the short term, in order to achieve more in the future. He's never been afraid of struggling through today's pain, because he's mastered this process. Everyone from media to the public has labeled him finished during these difficult two years. He's about to prove everyone wrong!

      Michael Jordan is the best of all time, mainly because he'd never settle for mediocrity. He went from the sophomore who was cut from his high school team, to the all time greatest. He used this short term "failure" as fuel to become the best. If his NBA teammates didn't subscribe to this mindset, they were going to hear about it ... and FEEL it. He was known to fight players in practice if they gave less than 100% effort.

In the beginning of Roger Federer's career, he was mentally weak, succumbing to the pressure. He fought through the short term struggles, and learned to dominate. I'd say he won the mental battle.

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