Wednesday, November 2, 2011

He Definitely Decided

In my last post, I linked a radio interview I did, where I talked about Luke Donald's back nine success in his last event, securing the #1 spot on the PGA Tour. I believe he made a conscious decision on the 10th tee box to take his game to another level, knowing he needed an incredible nine hole stretch to win. It was this decision that propelled his game past the field. He was more intent on making it happen, then he was focused on being afraid to fail.

I've received a few emails, asking how one decision can elevate a player's game so quickly. This is what I talk about all the time -- this is how the elite, 1% separate from the field. For the first time since Tiger Wood's downfall, someone "Tigered" the field. Luke had to win, or finish in solo second, in order to stay #1 on Tour. He knew this goal was in trouble after an average front nine on Sunday, and was left with no other choice but to record a "career back nine."

On the 10th tee, I believe he had a conversation with himself: "This is it! I need to find a way to focus more intensely than I ever have. I will take my game to another level... right now!"

Obviously, those weren't his exact words, but I have no doubt that he looked at himself from the inside-out, and made a conscious decision to find greatness! I don't believe in coincidental success, where somehow it just happens. Luke put in the hours, physically and mentally, and made committed decisions to attain his goals. On the back nine of this specific tournament, he simply intensified those decisions.

I work with a player on the Northwestern team, who was lucky enough to have Luke show him his golf log book. It was filled with the tiniest details of his goals, progress, and improvements needed. He logs every day, and because of this attention to detail, it's no coincidence that Luke shined under the massive pressure.

Don't sit and wait for success to find you ... make it happen. Decide that it absolutely WILL take shape. Create a fearless attitude that won't settle for average. Become the 1%.

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