Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everything I Do Is Normal

David Blaine is one of top illusionists in the world. He's famous for his televised street magic, blowing people's minds with his slight-of-hand. But unlike other top magicians, he has also committed his life to pushing his body past normal limitations. He's studies the power of the mind, and continues to test it's ability to overcome extreme situations. 

Where most say impossible, he says probable. He's another example of taking "realistic," and destroying it into a millions pieces. He understands realistic and possible is what we say it is. 

"I think that everything I do is actually normal, and I think what's interesting about what I do is that if you take the competitiveness out of it, we're all capable of doing the same things. If I asked you to stand in one spot for 35 hours or a certain length of time, you could do it. I think the reason people come up with alternative methods of how it's done is because if they accept I can do it, they have also got to accept that they are able to do it. People haven't even begun to tap into the potential of what the mind is possible of doing. I think everything I do is normal, not paranormal. It's using the power of the mind to achieve whatever we can endure."

-David Blaine

He buried himself alive for one week in 6' plexiglass

Spent 7 days submerged in water, and attempted to hold breath for the last 9 minutes while handcuffed. He made it over 7 minutes before having to be rescued

Stood for 35 hours, 90' in the air on a beam 22" across

44 days suspended in a box over London, with nothing but water

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