Monday, January 30, 2012


Ego has no place in growth. Learn to be egoless. It'll free you from self-consciousness.

Coaches and teachers, eliminate ego from the equation. Come together, help one another reach new levels.

Collaborate more, worry less about self. 

To be egoless means giving up the need to say, "It was because of me..." Just let it be. Let the glory fall where it does. 

When helping someone reach new heights, make it about that someone ... never you. If it has to be about you, the point of teaching has been lost.

As a student, erase ego from your lifestyle. It only holds you back from true improvement.  

Ego makes hands squeeze together, not allowing for growth to land in your palms. It blames, deflects, and makes excuses.

To be egoless means giving up who you were, in order to become who you will be!  

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