Monday, January 23, 2012

I've Got 5 Words For You...

Emotional intensity increases subconscious ability!

Imagine yourself on the tee box of your #1 handicap hole. OB left, hazard right, and a tight landing area. It's a long par 4, so you must take driver. If left on it's own, the mind will automatically focus on the trouble -- what it doesn't want to have happen. This is simply a defense mechanism the conscious mind goes to, in order to protect you from the pain associated with the trouble. In essence, it's saying, "I don't want you to hit O.B. because it will bring you a lot of pain. Don't hit it in there, ok?" Unfortunately, by creating such a focus, it unknowingly makes you hit there more often.

The conscious, "talking mind" will always do just that -- talk. So we must give it something to chew on while we attempt to feel and visualize what we want. The way we do this is by intensifying our emotions ... with words and thoughts. Since our conscious mind wants to talk, trick it into helping us. Allow it to give us specific words and phrases: "Attack," "Go now," "I love these moments," "This is MY time," etc. While we allow this type of so-called thinking, we're creating emotional responses for our subconscious to attach itself to. We kill two birds...

The tough part is INTENSIFYING the emotion on the tee box, as you stare down the tight fairway, knowing what's on your left and right. This takes practice, but by repeating whatever word or phrase over and over in pre shot and at address with strong emotion, the peripheral will disappear, leaving a detailed picture of what you want. Make yourself feel, with deep passion, the phrase you're repeating. Make the words more than words ... create the intense emotion your subconscious needs.

You can apply this technique to any part of your game, but with any type of change, massive repetition is the only way to attain what you want. On paper this technique seems simple, but the real life application needs discipline and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

The 1% Mindset is yours for the taking. What are you waiting for?! Take it!

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