Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Do You Believe?

I received an email recently from someone who didn't agree that self belief should take precedent over results. He didn't like that I teach my students to "just believe, regardless of (and especially before) results."

I normally don't respond to this type of email, but needed to in this case to "back" my current students' decisions to work their butts off, irregardless of outcome. I'm very passionate, believe deeply in my approach to the mental game, and especially committed to it's affects on our lives off the playing field.

Self belief and confidence is a choice we make, not a result of our wins and losses. The levels of belief will definitely increase when we succeed, but our foundation will always be a decision we consciously make. This person is upset because he thinks I'm creating a false belief in my students, telling them to "just believe." I'm not telling a 5 handicap to believe that he'll win the US Open this year, or asking a high school tennis player to drop his classes to chase a professional career ... but I AM telling them that with unwaivering self confidence, massive discipline, and committed passion for their goals, one day, they will have a chance!

I want each and every student I currently teach, and players I'll teach in the future to know their belief system is what separates them from the rest. This is especially true when their plans don't seem to be working as they visualized. The 1% Mindset is about sustaining a level of confidence through the difficult times, knowing the only thing that can stop you ... is you! Your mindset dictates your path, decisions, and reactions!

The strength and conviction of your self belief doesn't have to be a slave to outcome. You have two choices: Decide to believe in yourself, no matter what the result, or as my friendly neighborhood doubter would suggest ... only after concrete results appear. The 1% laugh at the latter recommendation. What do you believe?


Rettakat said...

I belive that what we believe going INTO a thing will influence the final outcome. Even if we are starting as rank beginners at an endeavor, if we have only a 25% level of confidence in ourselves and our ability to master it, I believe that will affect all our choices along the way... a kind of self-fullfilling prophecy.

Just today, someone asked me my opinion as to how to respond to an opportunity. It had to do with a talent that I know they have, but they don't have a high level of confidence because they have not SEEN a response yet from buyers. I told them to BE BOLD! To choose the big one, to take the risk! If they went with outward circumstances, they would have chosen the small, safe risk. But they thought about it, and decided to believe... and made a bold decision.

I believe our level of belief in ourselves is what will carry us when we don't "see" the fruits of our labors yet. Yesterday I read the story of an artist I admire who's career took off... at age 50. If he had given up sooner and didn't believe in himself, it never would have happened.

Your critic just doesn't understand.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Good, Loretta. Belief is the beginning, middle, and end of our goals. Without it, we have nothing. It's all about the Inside-Out approach. Look inside first... the outside will line up.