Thursday, January 26, 2012


Keep it simple, Sally!

The best teachers, coaches, and mentors I've ever had were masters at taking complex situations and breaking them down to their simplest forms. Too often, we talk to much, analyze to deeply, and think more than is needed.

In a tennis match, hit the ball over the net and in more than your opponent. Do this, you win. In basketball, take it away from opponents as much as possible, set a screen to free a teammate, put ball in basket. When trying to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise often. On the golf course, focus deeply on target, hit ball to target as best as you can, repeat.

Sports were made to be played! Knowledge, alone, isn't the key to our improvement. Knowing what to do, and figuring out the best ways to apply that knowledge is the key that will unlock performance. In my years of experience as a player and now a coach, I've learned one simple truth: The simpler we make it, the better we'll play.

Visualize it happening ... accepts all results ... go! Repeat over and over.

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