Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fact vs. Fiction

There's a very fine line and delicate balance between what's true and what's fiction during your climb towards excellence. These often crossover, creating confusion and doubt in your attempt to become 1%. 

Let's make this clear ... fact is everything you think, say, believe, and decide. Fiction is what they think, say, believe, and decide - never confuse the two. What they think about your journey and belief system is fiction in your every day actions. The negativity they spew about your decisions to excel past mediocrity is their opinion, therefore making it fiction in your life. 

Looking in the mirror, asking the important questions, and listening to the answers is how you define fact on your path. Expect them to try and convince you to think of their opinions as fact, but beware of the illusion. Their attempts to pull you down from the top rung of the ladder come from their own insecurities and fears. Know this as fact!

Fact vs. Fiction -- what will you believe?

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Anonymous said...

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