Saturday, April 14, 2012

Total Immersion

Why do I post here, Twitter, and my Facebook page every day? Why do I make these audio tracks for you every day? Why do I go to sleep visualizing my 1% successful future? Why do I wake up every morning focused on what has to be done that day in order to get closer to my goals?

The answer is simple ...


Rettakat said...

It's official. I've made a section in my notebook, am jotting down notes from these audios, and plan to review them til they stick.

Just this morning (!) I was trying to explain to someone why I gave up almost all of the time I used to listen to fiction audiobooks, and have replaced it with motivational/inspiring input. The stories are not bad... it's just that whenever I "escape" too long into them, I always see a shift in my focus, I lose steam and start to "drift".

And your audio about the need for total immersion explained that perfectly!

It's as though the ground is not level. I need to focus on traveling UPhill. But when I stop focusing, and traveling uphill on purpose, I naturally roll backwards, without even trying!

Thanks for this one, it really helped me in my commitment to sacrifice the immediate escapist pleasure of the fiction, in exchange for making progress TO my 1% future!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Perfect, Loretta!! It's so important to create an environment that 100% supports your goals.

This means places and people -- everything that enters your mindset!

Total immersion means 100% ... not 90% ... which equals 1%!!