Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Don't Have That Luxury

To become the 1% - to share in that type of greatness, you absolutely must do what they're not doing ... period! If you're unwilling to risk more, set loftier goals, and decide to be fearless, 99% will be your destiny. Check this ...

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Rettakat said...

Loved this.

The first time I heard ET talking the "sleep is for suckers" message, I started to argue. But but but. Yeah, great for you young punks!!

No. I wasn't getting it. Now I do! I listened until I understood... it was the PRINCIPLE of sacrifice he was trying to get across. Just like you said here. Goes right along with several of your last messages... what are you willing to sacrifice? To give up?

Sleeping in? TV? Goofing off all weekend?Etc etc.

And when I saw what the real message was, I started to see choices here and there I could change.

And lately I've been choosing to DO.
I don't yet know the "how", but I do know the what and the why.

And yes, I agree. It's energizing!!