Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Definition Of Special ...

It's difficult. It sometimes sucks all the hope and desire out of you. Often, it's tiring beyond words. And more than anything, it's always worth it in the end.

The majority believe that 1% Success is only attainable for the special - the very talented. The people who have achieved this type of success know that talent is a small part of the equation, and special is the countless hours they put towards their goals.

Everyone deserves and has the potential to become 1%, unfortunately, most just won't do what it takes to see that fact become truth in their own lives. The ability to keep punching through the pain, knowing that this struggle will eventually lead to greatness is special. The discipline to wake up every morning earlier than the competition, simply to allow more hours of dedication is special. Unwavering self belief in the face of overwhelming odds is special.

Becoming 1% isn't a technique ... it's a committed decision to believe without evidence, and never EVER stop until the goal has been attained.

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Chris_Ian-Banz said...

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