Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pain - Temporary, Inevitable, Mandatory

I posted this super quick snippet on my FB page, but wanted to also share it with you here.

Pain: A negative word for most. An extremely powerful word for the 1% Elite. The majority view pain as a setback or failure; a roadblock that makes them feel destined for mediocrity. The 1%, conversely, have written their success stories based on this pain. They've learned to not only accept struggle as part of the process, but also invite it as a crucial ingredient to the puzzle.

Nerve endings that scream on a daily basis have defined the paths of many men and women committed to excellence. "No pain, no gain" is a cliche and doesn't mean much in the minds of most, but in the lives of the highly successful, is the headline that glows in neon wherever they travel.

The mistake the majority make is believing that the struggle they face is permanent, whereas the ones who keep punching understand pain is temporary, inevitable, and mandatory. Succeeding in the face of such pain is simply a mindset - a decision that's made early on that guarantees success, no matter what it takes ... period!

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