Sunday, May 13, 2012


I'm reluctant to put too many words to this picture, as it speaks a thousand all by itself. These hands represent pain, struggle, passion, discipline, and a sacrifice only 1% can relate to. This person is obviously willing to do whatever it takes to reach a higher level, even if it means tearing up her hands to do it.

This picture represents early morning practice, afternoon workouts, and late night immersion towards a goal most wouldn't attempt to reach. It tells a story of hour upon hour of frustration, knowing that success can only be born from this temporary self doubt. When the blisters turn into calluses, the doubt will turn into a belief, more powerful than words can describe.

When you look at these hands, what's your first reaction? Do you wince or feel excitement, fantasizing about sacrificing the same for your goals? The answer will determine your future!

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