Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your Confidence Dictates, Not Their Fear

Never, EVER tell someone he can't do it! Success is in the trying -- the daily grind of figuring it out for himself. The argument is always, "He should know how unrealistic his goal is..." Realistic is defined on an individual basis, and means something different for everyone. The majority would cower at my specific long term goals, telling me I'm out of mind for wanting to accomplish so much. For them, maybe it IS unrealistic in their world, but for me ... that word doesn't exist.

When they tell you it's too difficult, remember all they're doing is reflecting their own fear and jealousy upon you. Their insecurities should never dictate your decisions. Your passion and discipline to accomplish should be defined in the mirror ... YOUR mirror!

What do you see, long term? How emotionally connected are you to that picture? How often do you spend making that visual more and more detailed? It's your dream. Live it. Daily.

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