Saturday, June 27, 2009

Death By Inches

Yesterday on sports talk radio, a former NFL quarterback was describing how the New England Patriots have consistently dominated their opponents the last few years. He said they've concentrated on "Death by inches," meaning they move the ball down the field and pressure teams one inch at a time. The Patriots have been the most successful NFL team over the last 8 years, primarily due to this concept... they keep it simple, and believe that patience will eventually break down their opponents. 

This way of thinking will work in every part of our lives:

In business, it should be about one client at a time - making him happy now, focusing on meeting his needs at this moment, which will create a strong relationship in the future. When we're taking important exams in the classroom, we should be mentally locked on answering this question, and only this question, rather than getting wrapped up in the entire test. In sports, our concentration should always be on this point, shot, pass, etc., and staying in the present at all times. There isn't a past or future... only right now!

The Patriots have mastered slow and steady... Death By Inches consistently wins the race. Those who would rather be the hare will have their exhilarating moments, but will never feel the regular success the tortoise experiences.  

     "The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."  

                                                          -Chinese Proverb

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