Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daddy With Baby Logan

Today I woke up at 5:45 to my 4 month old, Logan, crying for everything 4 month olds cry for. No problem... I'll excitedly get out of bed, jog to her room, and put her binky back in her mouth, and she'll be fine. Don't all first-time dads run to their baby's room with excitement at 5:45 am??

Hahaha- "That'll be the day, daddy!" I swear I heard her whisper (yes, MY 4 month old speaks). Logan spoke the truth: Not gonna be that easy! No worries... that's what first-time mommies are for  ;-). 

After a wonderful morning spent with my daughter, my wife, and our two cats, I suggested that Liane take an afternoon for herself. She deserves to do whatever she wants for as long as she wants (ok, maybe she suggested it- but I was GOING to). That means that Logan and I get to spend the whole afternoon with each other, by ourselves... no help from mommy... no help from mommy... CRAP, NO HELP FROM MOMMY! 

We began by taking a long walk to Longs for her teething tablets, which they were out of. No problem - Logan doesn't really need those little things that help her gums feel better while she's teething. She can do without for an afternoon. The soothing comfort she feels is probably all in her head anyway. As we walked home, she let me know that teething ISN'T fun... IS painful... and that we're NOT going to have a fun afternoon without those tablets. 

"Just breath, Dayne! In, out, in, out."

By the time we got home, she was fast asleep, so I decided there wasn't any possible way we were going inside the house (by the way, there's nothing more beautiful than watching your tiny baby sleeping- sooo gorgeous).  If we walk long enough, she won't know that her gums hurt, and that daddy failed to get the tablets that would help.

45 minutes later we arrived home, and on cue, she woke up. I immediately noticed she had this strange look on her face... her eyes were red, her brow was furrowed, and she was making this grunting noise. Oh noooooo, she hadn't pooped for two days! I think that streak was about to end. Then it happened: The loudest, stinkiest, explosion in the history of first-time-daddy-taking-care-of-baby. After a split second of panic, I got it together, put her on the changing table, opened her diaper... and almost passed out! It was everywhere - her legs, feet, hands, back, arms, my hands, the neighbor's hands. I actually think the explosion got all over a woman walking her dog on our sidewalk.

30 minutes later, and after a hosing down...

We were both calm again. Actually, I was always calm - I'm a mental giant. Believe me when I say there wasn't one millisecond of terror. Or don't believe me, your choice. 

10 seconds later...

SHE WAS STARVING, AND CRYING (NO, SCREAMING!). Again, not a problem. There's breast milk in the refrigerator. Oops, nope - it's in the freezer. That's ok, it'll just take a couple more minutes to warm up. Let me try to put into words how long those extra couple of minutes lasted while Logan was in one arm, and I was trying to heat the bottle: Panic, fear, sweat pouring, and shaking.  

What seemed like 5 hours later... she sucked that bottle down, and all was right in the world again! I'm such a cool customer - such a emotional wizard. Today was sooo easy. I can't believe mommy's complain of the difficulty. 


Erica said...

I like the description of the expolding poop.. althoughhh it was quite graphic. these entries should come with a rating... pg for some explicit content and mild violence

Liane said...

I think I'll have the smell of that explosion in my nose hair for the rest of my life... all I smell is poooooppp! The neighbor called last night to let us know she had some of it in her hair - from all the way across the street!

Dayne Gingrich said...

oops, that was me on Liane's acct.