Saturday, June 20, 2009

My First Father's Day Weekend!

Being a daddy "aint no easy job," but it's the best thing I've ever experienced (along with watching my beautiful bride, Liane walk down the aisle). It's also the toughest thing I've ever done physically, mentally, and emotionally... yet every morning I run into Logan's room to witness the most gorgeous smile ever created! 

Logan was born January 21, 2009, weighing 9 lbs, 4 ounces. After the tears of joy and phone calls to the family, my mind started to play tricks on me - it tried to take me to that place of PURE PANIC! Now that she was finally born, how in the heck was I possibly going to raise her? What do I do when she cries? How do I change diapers, and how often? How often?? Did I really think that?! How will I sleep? WHEN will I sleep? My brain went into crazy, scared overdrive.

The first night we brought her home, I got 20 minutes of sleep, and thought I was going to die. I just couldn't wrap my head around how this was going to be possible. "There must be a secret," I remember thinking. I called all my male friends who recently had babies to ask how they did it. Without exception, each of them said, "you just do." 

YOU JUST DO??? YOU JUST DO??? What kind of advice was that?! 

The process of learning to be a daddy has been a beautiful ride, and will only get better (until she brings her first boyfriend home- the shotgun is already loaded). I've competed under mass amounts of pressure in tennis, basketball, and golf... I've spoken in front of thousands of people in person, and on the radio... yet nothing compares to this Daddy thing. There hasn't ever been a bigger challenge in my life, but also has never been a larger reward. 

I love you, Logan. You are my hero, my angel, my teacher!


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