Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keep It To Yourself!

There are many ways to practice our mental toughness, other than on the playing field. Take today, for example: I'm sitting in Starbucks this afternoon on a break from teaching, relaxing from the heat, when I hear him, her, and another her. I notice, though, that they're alone. So why the heck are they so loud?! Ahhh... BLUETOOTH. I despise Bluetooth in public areas! It took every ounce of my mental and emotional control to stay calm, and not yank that small device out of their ears.

Why do people think I want to listen to their conversations? Does Joe Schmoe really think I care about his girl problems, and how he plans on punishing her for cheating on him? Does miss fake-tan college girl believe I enjoy listening to, "for sure... like omg... like no way... like Jason's sooo hot!" Then there's my favorite: 60 year old woman who's had every type of facial surgery possible, making yet ANOTHER appointment for Botox work and an eye lift! It wasn't only that she was loud that bothered me so much, but her voice was that New York, high, whiney type that can make dogs howl.

Bluetooth is great for the car... but please, please, please go back to the old school days where you'd actually put the phone up to your ear and talk at a mild volume. 

Oh, and don't even get me started on the loud cell phone talkers...

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