Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Would You Ever Ignore Your Mental Game?


What separates Bryant and Marbury? It sure isn't athletic ability! They both can jump out of the building, run fast, and are phenomenal shooters. They're both ripped, and can dunk every way possible. Marbury used to be considered one of the best natural scorers in the NBA, yet he will never be talked about in the same sentence as Kobe! Hmmm...

How about Brady and McNabb? These are both great quarterbacks, with impressive statistics on paper. They both have strong arms and incredible accuracy (well... McNabb does during the regular season). What makes Brady one of the best of all time, where some say Donovan should be traded out of Philly?

These two players are very interesting to me... Blake brings insane athletic ability and power to every match, yet there always seems to be something missing. I regularly use these two as examples in my private lessons when comparing the "very good" athletes to the superstars. Blake's faster, stronger, has more power, jumps higher, but will NEVER have a chance against Federer in a Grand Slam. It must just be luck that separates the two...   


Other than Phil's man-boobs, his flabby arms, and his 49" waist, what's the biggest difference between these two guys? Seriously, Phil... you should be embarrassed! Many "experts" have actually said Mickelson may have the most natural talent on the PGA Tour, but when it comes to the number of tournament wins, he's not even close! Look closely at the pictures above... see any difference in their demeanor? 

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