Friday, May 21, 2010

The Success Vortex

I was talking to a friend, Christine, about her business and how strong it's becoming, when she told me it was all due to the success vortex. "Tell me more," I instantly urged. Any explanation with the word success in it always peaks my attention.

The Success Vortex: A cyclone of positive momentum.

She owns a relatively small business, which is highly dependent on her passion and work ethic. The time she puts in will directly affect her outcome. Being the owner of the company means every ounce of pressure to succeed balances squarely on her shoulders, not allowing her to coast for a second. There was a time in the past, she explained, where she took her business for granted, not working as hard as she could have, eventually crushing her bottom line.

She woke up one morning and made a conscious decision, telling herself, "This is it! I'm sick of sitting on my butt and watching all of my hard work go down the drain. I'm going to take this company to new levels, starting this minute." She proceeded to get on the computer and email every single client, promising a new passionate dedication to each of them. This step, alone, launched her into a different place... not only for her business, but her clients as well. They immediately felt her passion and witnessed her actions, resulting in a new growth of passion for their own companies.

... And the Success Vortex began!

Not only did it create a cycle of passion and new found dedication for her clients, but it also had an instantaneous affect on everyone else she touched. Her husband felt it at home, ironically making his business stronger. They spent hours talking about her new craving for success, and how it could possibly affect every part of their lives. He was hooked! As he got sucked in to the "Vortex", he felt a need to grow his own business to new heights - as if her new, successful attitude was contagious... IT'S DEFINITELY CONTAGIOUS! Her friends also felt the affects of this excitement that was now living in her. Unfortunately, not all of them wanted to join the "fun," which made them slowly disappear out of her life.

When she made the decision to grow, the unknown consequence of this action would be the loss of many close to her who couldn't, or simply didn't want to follow the same path. You see, when the Success Vortex starts spinning, it only grabs ahold of those who want to join. Sometimes, the repercussion can be devastating for those who would rather "stay the course," and never move forward... luckily (or unluckily), these people are surrounded with 99% of others who think the same. They won't be alone for long.

Very often, this powerful force that engulfs us can be intimidating, making many fear it's results. As with the example above, it can mean losing friends who don't share the same appetite for growth. Life's not meant to be lived in the same place! Nothing on Earth stops growing... when it does, it dies. Every living thing evolves, changes, grows. Humans, unfortunately, have found a way to stand still, not needing to climb in order to survive. This has resulted in a shared mindset that believes it's o.k. (almost expected) to stay in the same place. Human beings have learned to live in a "state of stuck."

Christine once lived in this state of thinking, but after witnessing the effects of such mediocrity, made a powerful and conscious decision that enough was enough! Today, her business is growing faster and stronger than she could've ever imagined. Her "new friends" are passionate and focused, only concentrating on the possibilities of what will be.

... And the Vortex continues.


Matty said...

Dayne, success must be very powerful. I felt myself being pulled in just from reading about it. And I agree that success, like anything, can be contagious. You start with one person and it spreads. It doesn't have to be in business either, but in any area of life. I like the message here.

Aliblahblah said...

What a lovely uplifting post and it shows that you should be careful who you invite into your life as someones energy can really effect you!

Dayne Gingrich said...

So true, Matty and Aliblahblah...

As I replied in another post:

Comfortable, even when it sucks, is still Comfortable.

New, even when it's better, is still New.

It ALWAYS comes back to 99% vs. 1%. Who wants to step away from the pack???

You?? I do!

Powdered Toast Man said...

One of your best posts. It has me motivated, for what I don't know but I'm motivated nonetheless. I wish I had my own business to rock out.


Have you heard of Abraham Hicks?

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thanks Toast... "I'm motivated - for what, I don't know..." That's awesome!

Asblackasobama - No. Tell me more. Am I falling in to a trap??

spldbch said...

You make a good point about attitude being contagious. It's so great to be around someone with enthusiasm - it ignites something within you and energizes you.

Dayne Gingrich said...

... and the Vortex continues!!!

Kirpal Singh singh said...

Dear Sir - Pain/difficulty is thinking of mind. Mind is computer of human body. Whatever may be the circumstances one must have the capacity to bear the pain/difficulty in mind . Very soon I am going to write an article "Meditation-Mind v/s Neurologists"

Dayne Gingrich said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Mind controls body... too many want to think the opposite, which is why their "change" either doesn't happen or takes much longer than it should.

Focus on the mind... body will follow!


Kirpal Singh singh said...

Mr. Dayne Gingrich. Thank you. I always welcome healthy criticism. Whatever I have mailed about mind it is not mine - I took that verson from Lord Rama who had uttered these words to someone . In this modern era whatever is put in the belly that effects mind and body. The article which I mentoned in earlier mail will be on scientific base and away from criticism. You have seen the people in India posing that some soul have uttered into their mind and body - what is that. Most of the people could not satisfy themselves after having everything with them- what is that - the article would clear the picture.
With regards,

Phill said...

Awesome =) When you truly DO follow your inner guidance you will always rendez-vous with the perfect cooperative components that are already in place for you to step up your game...and the Vortex keeps spinning us into new & higher places <3 Life's good!

BTW I don't know if you are aware of the "Teachings of Abraham" by Esther & Jerry Hicks but they talk EXACTLY about this Vortex of Attraction that swipes off everything that isn't's effects are magical...

Kirpal Singh singh said...

Mr. Phillip - First of all I thank you for comments. It is my thinking that one should not confine himself/herself only up to the teaching of one peers/pagambers. when one talk about universe that he/she should know its existence. WE are all part and parcel of the Universe the difference is that how one can differeciate that by exhibition. In earlier eras the saints in India (actually they were scientists) had more knowledge about universe but they were warned by the Sureme Power of the Universe not to disclose that hiden treasure even to the peers and pagambers.
I may be forgiven if something wrong not suiting to the requirement of anyone have been mentioned by me in the above comments.Hindi language is my mother tongue.
Kirpal Singh