Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Choose! Don't Choose!

Quit. Don't quit! 

Work. Work harder! 

Want. Want more!

These are all choices we must make at one point or another... doesn't matter what our path, goals, or future destination. We must choose one of these, and live every day with our decisions. Which one is going to be? 

Stop. Go. Go faster!

Get run over. 
Stay down! Get up!

Loser! Fighter!

Depending on our reactions and next move, we can potentially live a life full of passion or despair. Many think it's out of their hands, as if some force from beyond has them by the arm and is pulling them toward their future. To those who believe that way: How does it feel to know you're destined to live a way that's out of your control; to never have a say in your next moment? To the others who say "no" to someone else controlling your moves, why aren't you living in total control every minute? Why are you waiting? What are you waiting for? You have the last word in your day... no one else! You get to choose whether you sit on the couch watching mindless t.v., or lace up those running shoes. 

I can't! Hell yes I can!

You're right, it's too tough! Thanks for your useless opinion!

Excuse me, pardon me! Move over... I'm here!!

Do you truly want it, or does it simply make you feel good inside to say the words? Are you willing to do what it takes to grab what you want? No one will hand it to you. No one will allow you to simply borrow it for a awhile. You must take it... and take it now! What are you waiting for?

Choose! Don't Choose!


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Life is all about choices and intention. Great post.