Saturday, May 15, 2010

99% Vs. 1% -- Part II

Today was "Torture Day" for one of my students, where I put him into numerous "failure situations," watching how he would respond. I purposely took him through drills where the percentages were extremely low to have the results he wanted.

Because the frustration level becomes so intense, this type of day accomplishes a few things:

  • Makes him focus his attention on the process - everything that's under his control... rather than the immediate outcome.
  • Forces him to evaluate his true passion for the sport and his long term goals.
  • Makes him feel short term pain, testing his mental and emotional toughness in this moment.
  • Causes him to choose between quitting or competing.
  • Creates a mindset (if he chooses to compete) that's incredibly strong, eventually becoming unflappable.
  • Helps him realize the short term misery will eventually lead to long term success.

His automatic, almost instinctive reaction, was to complain about the drills... "I never find myself in these situations... so why practice them?" I don't mind the complaining in the short term, as it's totally normal and expected the first time he experiences these drills. The most important thing is his improved mindset by the end of the session.

Torture Day is my favorite, because it formulates a crystal clear picture of who really wants to step up to the next level. Saying you're passionate doesn't come close to proving how hungry you are with your actions. By the end of today's session, he took a leap closer to joining the 1% who do more than just talk-the-talk. He proved he was willing to stop complaining about the difficulties and poor results, and begin focusing on a stronger, more professional mindset.

During your own "Torture Day(s)," are you constantly whining about how difficult It is... or have you decided that no matter what stands in your way, you WILL compete? When you "fail," do you quit... or do you look for a new and improved way to achieve? When "it's not fair," are you feeling sorry for yourself, hoping others will too... or can you look in the mirror with confidence and pride, knowing you absolutely will find a way?

How close are you to joining the elite group of people who 'get it?' If you're on your way, I applaud your efforts, because I know how difficult it is to keep walking those everyday steps. If you haven't made a conscious decision to break away from the average... what will it take?

99 or 1?

You choose!


spldbch said...

I think I fall into the category of those people who complain but then do what needs to be done. I like that you say the complaining is to be expected. Sometimes things aren't fair and it's ok to express frustration about that. But then you have to say, "Ok, things aren't fair. So what am I going to do now?"

Dayne Gingrich said...

Exactly! We're human - we're going to have emotional responses, but it's all about the...


Find the answer to that question, and we'll find our path!

吳ElwoodR_憲妤 said...


Sarah said...

You don't get steel without a lot of pounding and scorching. (and the one above me says 'the only thing you get without any effort is poverty.')

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Haven't commented in a while but I'm always reading your posts. Love it AGAIN!

And love the name of the day... Torture Day... that's great!

Phil-theincredibleshrinkingman said...

i think like most I whinge first and then do (most of the time) however i'm lucky to have some great friends who are always willing to give me a quick kick in the right direction when i want to give up