Sunday, April 11, 2010

And The Final Piece Is...

Making a decision for change is very important, and a critical starting point... but not enough.

With this component, anything is possible... still not enough.

Now we're getting closer. The blueprint is absolutely necessary if any action is to be taken. This is where the mental begins to turn into physical... almost enough.

Don't "click here!" We're not ready yet.

Before anything can begin taking shape, we must have a crystal clear picture of EXACTLY what we want it to look like... in detail, as if it were already here. We must know we deserve, and absolutely will achieve that picture. When we're able to see it this clearly, the remaining pieces will begin moving into place.

I was talking with a woman who had recently reshaped her body, but was still wanting more. After speaking for about 45 minutes, it became obvious that her "next level" wasn't clear in her mind's eye. She knew she wanted to achieve more, but couldn't see exactly what that more looked like. When she creates that detailed visual, her goal will definitely be attained! 

What do you "want," that you're having a difficult time seeing clearly in your mind?

More important question: Are you even trying to visualize that picture?


Rettakat said...

How many times must I hear the same thing before it finally, permanently sticks?? I appreciate this reminder.

I was wondering why, all weekend, it felt like it was all "evaporating"... I was questioning myself, my goals, my ability to reach them... they were fuzzy, and hazy, and fading.

Then I read this post. And realized I had NOT been "seeing" it. I was coasting, not visualizing it.

Now I remember BE, DO, HAVE. That I need to BE it first... so see it done, to visualize it.

Then, like you said, take action, the DO part.

And then I will finally HAVE the results.

I appreciate this very much, thank you.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Alway... you're welcome!

This isn't easy by any means because it's somewhat counterintuitive.

Many need to "have" first... then they will "see."

Do and Be the opposite!

Powdered Toast Man said...

Ur following the wrong blog. The blog you just started following is a blog just about my fiancee. You want to follow 'Just the Cheese'

a.z.i.a said...

you posted this at the exact right time, my friend!

Dayne Gingrich said...

I'm glad my timing was spot on... I knew you needed it at this exact moment ;-)