Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wanting Vs. Trying

I got into a heated discussion with a client today regarding "wanting" to win vs. "trying" to win. He was attempting to convince me that all the so-called greats try to win every time they compete. He couldn't be more wrong!

Let me explain...

There's a huge difference between wanting and trying to achieve. We all absolutely want... but the ones who truly get it never try to win. They try to master their process, and allow the result to be what it's going to be. They focus on their decisions and daily goals... everything that's in their control. Winning isn't in our control. Don't believe me? (Many don't at first).

Show me how to win. You simply can't!

  • You can show me how to eat correctly and work out regularly (that may or may not help you lose weight). 
  • You can show me how to hit that perfect golf shot (that may or may not lead to a good score).
  • You can show me how to smack a brilliant forehand in tennis (that may or may not win you the match).
You can only show me the immediate action that may or may not bring you the result you want.

If we can't control the outcome, then we shouldn't be trying to focus on anything that has to do with outcome. We should only be trying to accomplish those things that are in our control. We're all humans, which means we're emotional and get attached to results. The problem with this instinct is that it makes us fall into the "trying to win" trap.

If you're trying to become healthier and create a lifestyle change, wanting your specific goals to manifest is natural and good... but focusing on trying to accomplish them is an illusion.

Instead, TRY to stay consistent every single day with your actions. TRY to remain discipline when every bone in your body is telling you to take a break from this journey. TRY to make the correct decisions that will eventually lead you to your ultimate goal(s). TRY to stay strong in the face of jealousy and drama. TRY to think correctly, which will create positive and powerful emotions, which will help you attain everything you're wanting. TRY to focus on everything that you can control in this minute. TRY live in this single moment.

You see... if you simply try to do all of the above, good things will naturally happen.

Do I want to win every time? Heck-freakin-yes!

But I'll never try.


Bendigo said...
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Bendigo said...

Sorry had to delete for typos :)

This was a great post..It reminded me of my baseball coach from many years ago. "Put the ball in play and good things will happen." He never once told us to put the ball in play and we would win. I'm a firm believer in doing everything possible with what I can control. The rest will have to take care of itself.

Great post!