Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Be About It!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was watching American Idol tonight - my wife made me watch it with her ;-). I'm actually glad I did because at the end of the show, Randy Jackson told one of the contestants to "be about it," after she got voted off the show.

I loved that quote. Be about it... what does it mean?

To me, it means: Go for it; don't stop; commit to your decisions; stay positive; follow your passions; go all the way; never let anyone say you can't; work your butt off at all time; never quit.

Be about it. 
When things get tough, and you hit a wall, keep fighting through to your ultimate goal. Create a plan in your mind, put in on paper, and take action towards your finish line. When your friends and family tell you that it'll be too hard, and you'll most likely fail... ignore them at all costs.

Be about it. 
Jealousy is all around you, especially when you're taking a risky road... a path that most wouldn't take. Remember that when you're reaching for higher ground, many will try to grab ahold of your heels, and pull you back down to their level. They hate those who strive for more than they could ever dream of. They can't imagine long term goals manifesting. Actually, they can't imagine even having long term goals.

Be about it. 
The past has nothing to do with your future. You should try to learn from yesterday, but never ever allow it to dictate your actions today. This minute, and the steps you take, will determine your future... the challenge for us all, is the future will never be here, so we mustn't focus on it too much. The day we think our future is upon us... it turns into now. Now is all we have - concentrate on maximizing it's potential.

Be about it. 
Have a dream, and wake up trying to make it come true. Feel the passion deep in your gut when you think of that dream. When someone tells you that you're crazy for wanting to attain such a lofty goal, nod your head, tell them you respect their opinion, and then mentally give them the finger! Let them live in negativity... you live in possibility.

Be about it.


Bendigo said...

Let them live in negativity... you live in possibility.

I do believe that might possibly be one of the best lines I've ever seen...What a great mantra to live by...

Awesome post! As usual.......

Sarah said...

i also found that once i be about it i'm much happier with myself.

Powdered Toast Man said...

I agree with Bendigo.

I never try and let the past dictate my future. What happened in the past is the past.

spldbch said...

When I think of "be about it" it makes me think about people who are always talking about doing this thing or that thing but never to seem to get around to doing it. It's one of my pet peeves. Don't SPEAK about it - BE about it!

Liane said...

"Don't speak about it... BE about it!"

Love it!!!

Phil-theincredibleshrinkingman said...

hi Coach,

it's been a while since i've posted, what a fantastic post, I know exactly where you and Randy are coming from, I've been struggling, I know I have, Some are road blocks i've created myself others are which I've had to try and overcome. Even though I've not done very well recently I've stuck with it, I might not have been able to see the end of this hurdle but i've visualised what i want, every time i've slipped i've just rewritten the game plan and tried again. The future isn't written, struggling is just part of life. as i said though. great post

Anonymous said...

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